Weekly Hypothetical #2

Alright boys. After much thought and deliberation, here’s this week’s Weekly Hypothetical:

I recently saw the movie Nowhere Boy, chronicling the early life of a Mr. John Lennon. While the movie itself was fairly average, it did get me thinking about other biopics I had seen in the past. Ray, Walk the Line, all the classic musician movies, but also films like A Beautiful Mind, not merely limited to musicians.

Your assignment is to pitch me your biopic, the one that you’ve been dying to make forever. What makes this person’s story worth telling? What elements of this person’s life would you focus on? And not limited to musicians, you can do actors, comedians, athletes, whoever you think has a story worth telling. My personal biopic would be one of Tommy Wiseau. Also tell me, if you’re not directing, who you would have direct? Who would star as the person? My Tommy Wiseau biopic would star none other than…Tommy Wiseau. But feel free to get creative.

Get to work, gentlemen. You have one week to deliver me an Oscar-worthy epic.

– Daniel Perea


About The Cloffice Staff

In the summer of 2008, a group of men met in a closet with a lone computer situated in the corner, determined to have their voices heard on a global scale. Today they come to you, presenting their humble opinions on all things all, with the vague goal of entertaining the masses. This...is their byproduct.
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