The First Ever, Weekly Hypothetical

Welcome to the Weekly Hypothetical. This will be a competition amongst the writers of The Cloffice in which every week, a question/proposition/scenario/etc. will be given to the website’s staff to respond to. They will have an entire week from the initial posting of that week’s hypothetical to answer with as long or short an reply as possible. The proposer of that week’s question will read over each writer’s entry and determine a winner within 24 hours. At that time, that week’s winner will pose the hypothetical for next week, and so the circle continues. Because I am the originator of this new competition, I will be the one to start things off, so without further ado:


Superheroes seem to be where it’s at. Everyone sees it. Today they’re considered largely to be one of the closest things to a guaranteed franchise, and therefore a commercial and financial success (For the most part of course, I saw Jonah Hex and Catwoman too people). Over the years, these superheroes have attracted highly lauded filmmakers, such as Bryan Singer with X-Men, Sam Raimi with Spiderman, Chris Nolan with Batman, and most recently Darren Aronofsky with (The…)Wolverine, who use the success gained from these movies to make more personal projects easier to finance in the future. Now the Coen Brothers want in. They’ve enjoyed years of making critically lauded films, but now they want the big money. Naturally, studios are jumping over themselves, throwing properties and offers at them left and right. The world is essentially their oyster. SO. Your job for this week is to pitch me a Coen Brother’s superhero franchise. And be creative with it. Don’t just give me, “Uhh…SUPERMAN!” Why Superman (if that)? Give me a character the brothers Coen would genuinely want to bring to the silver screen and why. You have your assignment. Dazzle me.

– Matt Stryker


About The Cloffice Staff

In the summer of 2008, a group of men met in a closet with a lone computer situated in the corner, determined to have their voices heard on a global scale. Today they come to you, presenting their humble opinions on all things all, with the vague goal of entertaining the masses. their byproduct.
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